Deciding which events to attend can be damn overwhelming.

How do you know if this one is for you?


You haven't tapped into your city.

You haven’t networked with professionals in your own backyard.



We want you to kick your feet up a bit, and that includes learning how to manage that business-owner stress. Not to mention we include a catered happy hour to wrap up a day of growth.



You may not fully understand what a brand is, how to create a unique voice and content for your platforms, and how to tie it altogether..what the hell is SEO anyway?!



You can recite your elevator pitch in your sleep. And now you need to put it into real action.



Being a business owner can be really lonely (unless talking to your dog counts as social interaction). Having some good people in your corner can make the world of a difference.



We believe in self-care. This won’t all be work on your business, we focus on how to take care of yourself too.



Lots of snacks.

You deserve some TLC.

You want to learn.

It's time to meet some people.

You're ready.

3 words...TREAT YO SELF.


You need a boost.

Stress and life have limited your time to focus on what you want.

Your time is valuable. You want to learn about branding, SEO, content creation, useful tools, and but can’t hop around to a bunch of different sessions throughout the year around town.



Learning from professionals and being able to implement things on the same day is much better than adding on to your never ending

To Do list.



There are a lot of sessions to choose from, but not all of them give you tangible lessons on the same day.



Harsh lighting, crappy coffee. Not always the most inspiring space. You are better learning face-to-face and in a setting that feels like home.



You’ve watched every TED Talk, listened to every podcast, browsed LinkedIn for hours. It’s time to learn about proper strategy and leave feeling inspired.

Your time is valuable.

Google isn't cutting it.

You are overwhelmed.

Cubicles were never your thing.

You've done your research.

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