You're going to get to meet a lot of friendly (and dare we say, damn goodlooking?) faces throughout the day. But this group is who you will be able to count on to learn all the good stuff we mentioned. Soon you won't only talk the talk, but will also walk the walk. Check em' out!


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Becky Mickletz
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Andy Colwell

Design + Brand Development

Becky Mickletz

With nearly a decade in event and brand development experience with companies such as Fast Company, Denver Design Week, and SXSW, Becky will teach you how to find your unique style and implement it into your marketing through design and brand development. She will introduce you to hands-on exercises to figure out the beginning stages of your brand's design assets, help define your target audience, develop your USP, and strategize your marketing around it.

Matt Geddie

Andy Colwell

Photography + Communications

Andy is a photojournalist, media company owner and educator based in Denver, CO. with ten years experience photographing brands, news organizations, weddings, higher education. he also co-owns a cannabis-industry-specific production company based in Denver with clients nationwide. His photos have appeared in dozens of publications around the world. Andy will teach the importance of prioritizing visuals in your brand, and the power multimedia has in communicating with your audience.

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Social Media

Cory Williams

Cory is a social account supervisor at Motive, a creative agency based in Denver, CO. She has over 8 years of experience in marketing - across social + digital media, events, and more. Cory worked at VaynerMedia, a marketing agency owned by Gary Vaynerchuk, for 6 years before going in house and leading marketing efforts for a Denver-based protein bar company. She'll walk you through how to tap into the power of social media to capture attention and engage your audience - with tactical advice for everything from paid media to influencers. 

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Matt Geddie

Finances + Biz Development

Matt has established himself as a thought leader in the field of entrepreneurship while advising other entrepreneurs and small businesses how to negotiate and achieve high growth, capital funding, and exits. He is a frequent guest speaker on multiple business podcasts focusing on building sustainable businesses in the Consumer Good Product (CPG) space. He is currently the VP of Business Development at the Gap Partnership, the Chairman for Chiavare Health, and owner of Peak Consulting.

Adrienne Fischer

Legal Issues + Business Setups

Adrienne is a small, but scrappy startup attorney in Denver. She works with small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. She has mediated cases in some of the busiest courthouses in the U.S. Specifically, she'll talk about some of the legal fundamentals you need to get your business off the ground, like entity types, founder’s agreements,  contracts, securing your intellectual property, hiring best practices and more.

Patrick Kinne

Technology in your Business

Patrick is a creative problem solver with a passion for leveraging technology to create exceptional outcomes for his clients.  He is currently a Consulting Manager with Twentyseven Global, overseeing the design and delivery of custom software development projects for companies in a wide variety of industries, and the Principal of Kinne Consulting, where he advises businesses on process optimization, technology roadmap, vendor selection, and implementation management.  Patrick will share best practices and techniques for taking advantage of the rapid evolution of technology in today's business environment.

Stress Management + Wellness

Katrina Shreve

Katrina has been a professional Bodyworker for nearly two decades, and is also an Herbalist, Yoga Therapist, and certified Holistic Practitioner. Her passion is Quantum Physics and Energetic Anatomy, and how we can utilize natural resources to restore our body, mind, and spirit. She is always learning, combining her knowledge of Ancient Medicine with Modern Science to help individuals take control of their health and then empowering them to improve it. Her Health Coaching also involves Ayurveda (the oldest Medical Science in the world), Yoga, Shamanic Healing, and Energy Medicine to create lasting results for transformational healing.

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SEO Marketing

Kristy LaPlante

Kristy is a senior digital marketing leader specializing in cross-channel digital media planning and strategy. She's worked directly with numerous Fortune 100 companies across Retail, CPG, Travel, Media, Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, and Non-profit sectors. Throughout her digital marketing career, she directly advised 60+ iconic global brands including Pepsi, Unilever, Samsung, Nestle, Disney, Nordstrom, Nike, Starbucks and more. She was recently named one of LuxuryDaily Magazine's "Top 25 Marketing Women to Watch" list and resides in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver with her dog, Lola.

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